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We guarantee to give you a better performing, more energy efficient window – at the right price.

Compared to other glazing systems you'll use less energy to maintain a comfortable environment. With the rising cost of fuel, your fuel bills will be lower.

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Reduce your energy bills & cut down on CO2 emissions In winter, the energy efficient coated glass used in DuraGreen windows retains warmth within the home. It's also designed to exploit radiant heat energy from the sun.

These properties, coupled with excellent thermal insulation, result in significant fuel savings compared to a single glazed dwelling.

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Improve comfort. Reduce energy bills. Save money. The next windows you choose could reduce wasted home energy by up to 20%.

If the windows in your home consist of single glazed or older double glazed units, replacing
them with our energy efficient windows will save you money. It can reduce the energy you need to heat or cool your home by up to 20%.

Not all windows are the same Double glazed units from different sources may look similar at a glance – but don't be fooled. Not all windows are the same. If windows aren't efficient they lose valuable, expensive heat. Many units incorporate spacers using metal such as aluminium which acts as a thermal bridge, instantly conducting heat energy through the frame. Others compromise on the insulating quality of the glass or profile. In cold weather, heat energy escapes outside and is wasted. In warm weather, the sun's heat travels through the window and frame making the room uncomfortable.

Energy efficient windows – at the right price

Our energy-efficient window system brings together market leading components to deliver exceptional performance. This means quality glass from Pilkington, the UK leader in architectural glazing. Duralite, the best performing 'warm edge' spacer technology, is used in the sealed unit. DuraGreen window profiles include Q-Lon weather seals, multi chamber construction, high security locking and stainless steel hinges.

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