replacement fascias and soffits in flint and chester

Replacement fascia and soffits in flint and chester

"From this..."

The first indication you may have a problem is when your fascias and soffits begin to show their age.

"...To new UPVc replacement fascias and soffits."

What a difference! Premium Roofing’s craftsmen have transformed this home with the addition of beautiful new UPVc fascias and soffits.

Replacement Fascias & Soffits in Mold, Chester, Flint and surrounding areas.

For the home-owner, the first indication that you have a problem with your roof often comes, when the fascias or soffits begin to show their age.

But without a thorough, professional survey, it can be really difficult to determine exactly what needs to be done to remedy the situation and to get your home back to its best.  At Premium Roofing we will carry out a thorough survey and provide you with a solution tailored specifically for you.

Forty years’ experience has shown us that it is rarely sufficient just to apply plastic cladding over the existing wooden fascias or barge boards.

Instead, at Premium Roofing, we remove all existing fascias and barge-boards to your property.  We would never cut corners by simply cladding over existing timbers, which may be rotten.  We then apply only top-quality PVCu fascias, which are guaranteed to be maintenance free for more than a decade.

The Process for replacing your fascia and soffits

  1. We carefully remove timber fascia bargeboards, soffits and PVCu gutters and down pipes.
  2. Once the bargeboards are removed, we carry out a FULL inspection to see that the gable rafters are structurally sound, (these are the timbers) that the new PVCu bargeboards are going to be fixed to.
  3. Environmentally dispose of all waste material.
  4. Any treatable decay noted will be rectified free of charge.
  5. But any gable end rafters, which require replacement, will be subject to an additional charge.
  6. We provide you with a cost, of any such work within our estimate.

Why we use PVCu in our replacement fascias and soffits.

For centuries, the preferred choice of housebuilders has, of course, been timber.  But you only have to walk around many housing estates and take a look at the sorry state of the wooden soffits, fascia and bargeboards, to see its limitations.

Providing wood is properly maintained, and regularly inspected for rot and treated, it will last for decades.  But most home-owners cannot afford the time to climb up and carry out the close inspection needed.

That is why Premium Roofing is increasingly fitting PVCu replacement soffits, fascias and bargeboards.   PVCu is one of the most popular choices in the UK today with 85% of buildings benefiting from this cost effective, highly durable, environmentally friendly, safe, secure and robust product.

It is now widely recognized that the maintenance burden and the technical performance of timber, especially for roofline, is no longer acceptable when compared with PVCu fascia and soffits as they will not rot, warp, bend or discolour.

But beware, don’t fall into the trap of simply having PVCu cladding placed over your existing wooden fascias and soffits.  At Premium Roofing, we thoroughly inspect the wood, cutting out any rotting sections – before expertly installing the replacement PVCu fascias and soffits.

Once this has been done, your gleaming soffits, fascias and bargeboards will last for decades, bringing your home to life.


"Pain Free. With plenty of choice, nothing was to much trouble, including providing a quotation that was well within our budget."

Mr Mrs Makin Mickle Trafford Chester Cheshire

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